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Starting The Day With A Sermon

Human beings are considered to be rational beings who love socializing, communication being their lifeline. Before the written language was developed humans used to interact with each other through the spoken language. As time passed by and population increased, along with the progress in science and technology,the manifestation of this transformation could be seen in political,economical and cultural sphere of lives as well. The invention of printing press by Johannes Gutenberg facilitated the dissemination of ideas at a large scale. Newspapers changed the way of communication and mass media became the word of the day.

The earliest prototype of newspaper was Acta Diuma or government announcement bulletins made public by Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome. Today there are approximately 7000 newspapers in circulation across the globe. Newspapers not only cater to the intellect of the reader but also the spirit.

There are newspapers which aim a particular religion or community. They publish articles related to the community. Newspapers therefore can also be used as a tool for religious propaganda.

The Christian Community is the largest community in the world. Followed by approximately bu 33% of the world’s population,Christanity is basically split into 3 main branches namely catholic,protestant and orthodox. There are many christian newspapers which serve to the community. They are published weekly,bimonthly as well as monthly. Some of the leading Christian News Paper of the world are those which are published by the conventions itself such as Southern Baptist Convention,Southeast Christian Church. The majority of Christian newspapers are aimed at Roman Catholic. With the coming of cyber age many christian newspaper are taking the path of online publishing.

Similarly there are newspapers which aim at other religions as well. Apart from religion there are newspapers dedicated to a particular sector such as economics, arts, entertainment as well. There is a market for every kind of newspaper. Newspapers today are adept in segmentation and targeting. In major cities of the world more than 20 newspapers have their offices. The concept of e newspaper has further made it more accessible to the world population.