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Buy a scarf for men?

The men’s scarf is an under-worn garment even in the colder months of winter, but it can add a new dimension to a garment while preserving the cold. But many of us need a tip when buying clothes and scarves is no exception. So I presented some tips and advice to help you get started.

Size Problems

As we all know, the size is more important and the longer the scarf is, the more you can do. Generally, I would suggest that scarves with a length of 160 to 170 cm are a minimum requirement, with 200 cm probably the optimum length so you can tie, loop or pack a scarf. A word of warning here; too long may seem ridiculous, so never exceed 210 cm.

Bulk It Up

Chunky men’s scarves are not only very popular right now, they are also a great way to protect yourself from the winter cold. If you are looking for a thick scarf, I would recommend a thick knitted woolen scarf or if you want to push the boat out and offer you a cashmere scarf if you have the ultimate luxury, and if you act smart it will not cost you the ground.

Among the patterns

While a solid black cashmere scarf may seem a bit dull, it is a timeless piece that will not be subject to fashion trends and will always look good even if it is not spectacular. Moreover, the advantage of buying in black is that it is naturally slimming and that the color is very tolerant and will not show stains and marks as lighter colors. Tartans look good on most men and scratches are almost guaranteed. So for the scarf collection to be perfect, all three styles must be.

With what to wear them

I prefer the look of a scarf when worn with a black or navy blue jacket or coat. If the jacket has flaps, be sure to put it underneath it if you plan to let your scarf sit on the neck and fall. If you want to tie the scarf, I recommend you get it in the jacket with the buttons in place.

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