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How to Get Cheap Air India Tickets?

Air India is a premiere Airline that blends state-of-the-art amenities with amicable staff and a comfortable ride. It contains 68 Boeing airplanes. Generally Air India Tickets are rationally priced, but it might be a bit too high for people looking forward to abide by a strict budget. People need to be tactful when deciding to buy tickets and need to follow some rules if they wish to obtain cheap air tickets.

Off-season is the best time for booking tickets

Try to obtain tickets during the off-season when the craze of buying tickets is the least. That way you would get relatively expensive tickets. So, if you are aiming to buy tickets for air travel, then you should plan your tour early on. It will give you ample time to grab the opportunity of buying off season tickets. It’s a great way to save money on airfare.

Be in touch with the news

Check your newspaper regularly. That way you can be aware of any new offers placed by Air India. Air India also proposes some great deals through their websites, so be ready to have your hands on them. Promotional offers are temporary goldmines. You should try to make the most of them. People can contact ‘Ticket Consolidators’ to avail cheap air tickets. They purchase loads of tickets and hence they are equipped to provide a heavy reduction in prices. But you should be on your toes when you do business with them, as they are infamous for delivering tickets late, and don’t budge in when they coax you go to for refunds or exchange your tickets with others for a flight scheduled to leave at a later date. Travel Agents are more trustable and they have overwhelming deals in their kitties.

Don’t go for a one-way ticket

It would cost you more if you decide to buy tickets separately for going to the destination and returning from it. So try to buy a two-way ticket, or try to buy the departure and return tickets simultaneously to save some money.

Join a Travel Club

There are several travel clubs and lifestyle clubs all over the country. It would be wise to be a member of one of them. They offer low priced tickets, and also other offers like obtaining discounts on tickets if you tour via them more than once in the same year.

Special reduction for some people

Air India Tickets cost relatively lesser for students, military officials and senior people. A lot of people are not aware of these facilities. Moreover, they feel that the process to get tickets with this system is quite tedious. But, for the fact, it’s really easy to apply for such tickets.

Other methods

Online travel agent

When tickets are cancelled or when some tickets are not purchased Air India distributes them at minimal prices. Also at the eleventh hour, when the plane is about to take off, ticket prices can be negotiated to a great extent. Keep a note of these tips for your help.